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Mobile website design


Mobile websites have become a huge demand as the growing number of people utilizing smart phones and mobile devices daily increases. Today nearly half of the total world’s population uses and accesses the web from a mobile device daily. This number is huge and growing. Did you know that internet traffic from mobile devices will exceed desktop computers in 2013?

It was reported that business conversion rates grew by 20% after launching mobile websites. Mobile phones were at one point in time just a device of communication. A method of getting a message across from point A to point B. The truth is that now the modern mobile phone goes much beyond that. It is no longer just a simple device that is used for communication it is now a device that connects. It connects its user to the rest of the world in a way that only the modern mobile phone can do. With the advent of iPhones, Android phones, Smart Phones among many others, the mobile phone is now a tool for keeping up to date and a step ahead. The mobile phone is a necessity in this fast paced world.

Mobile websites are in constant demand and having the right content presented to a user from a mobile website will determine if they come back. Our mobile websites are designed with this in mind.

Reach your customers on the go

Your website is great and effective, but what about those customers looking for your information while driving or shopping? We research the best options for your business and determine the best approach for your mobile website. We use various technologies and either create a complete mobile website design using responsive web design or build a custom mobile application if your project requires.

Mobile Apps

XpressWebLabs™ offers solutions for all businesses that want to embrace the idea of iPhone application development for their business. Our team has expertise in all kinds of mobile applications that aren’t limited to iPhones. We offer customized mobile applications that are tailored to you so you can get the best application ideas and innovative designs from us for whatever mobile phone you are looking to use.

Our mobile websites are engaging and designed with mobile usability in mind. Whether you get a mobile website or an iPhone / Android Application, our interfaces are spectacular.

Our team of designers and developers will work hand in hand with you to craft an intuitive and interactive mobile experience.

We have various mobile app & web packages to suit your business needs.